Bornem, 1 st September 2017

Peter Willems and Harry Maes have combined their unique skills in Packaging, Reverse Logistics and Support Services to launch INTEQS. Together they combine deep insight and expertise in developing durable packaging solutions for a broad range of industries, amongst other fruit & vegetables, food and non-food retail, e-commerce, meal services, food processing (meat, dairy, (semi) liquid foodstuff, ingredients), automotive, assembly (white-goods, electronics) – both in dedicated and pooled environments.

IINTEQS aims to provide know-how and innovative durable equipment management solutions to ensure its customers benefit from the full potential of durable packaging at the lowest possible cost, taking advantage of the latest available technology. We offer ways to optimise the asset life cycle of durable packaging and handling equipment by monitoring its use, improving traceability and maintenance, integrating data flows, improving asset management routines and systems, statistical supply chain analysis, etc. – either for assets that are part of a dedicated or an open pool. We support organisations in setting up efficient control tower and auditing functions and in (re) financing durable equipment pools.

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